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Certified Flagger

What is a Certified Flagger?

One of our unique individual who directs traffic and highways to provide protection of pedestrians, drivers and or workers in the sited areas.

Today’s Labors flaggers offers a unique services that caters to any company or construction work site that is in need for flaggers to get the job done.

Benefits of having Certified Flaggers:

Today’s Labors certified flaggers main goal is to ensure that safety, control of traffic and site provision is engaged while working on site. At this point, construction workers are allowed to have their work completed without the worry of any civilian getting hurt.


Traffic Control

Today’s Labors flaggers are ready to give the fullest protection to any work zone! Today’s Labors flaggers offers an array of flagging service that caters to any need of safety and protection.

Flaggers are capable of doing the following:

  • One- Lane Flagging Operations

  • Interstate Closure

  • Heavy Highway Traffic Control/ Construction

  • Adjustable To High Volume Traffic Throughout The Day


Today’s Labors flaggers are highly trained traffic control personnel arrive at the work site fully equipped to set up safe, compliant work zones that facilitate optimal traffic flow for motorists.


Trained & Certified

Today’s Labors flaggers provides safe, comprehensive temporary traffic control services. All of Today’s Labors traffic control personnel are trained and/or certified in the following:

  • AWP’s Safety Training

  • ATSSA Flagger Training & Certification

  • OSHA-Required Safety Training

  • Drug-Free Workplace

  • State-Specific Temporary Traffic Control Training

  • Advance Crew Leader

  • First Aid & CPR Training & Certification

  • ASHA Certified

  • Manage of Traffic At Underground Services

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